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ISTR is a relatively small but active organisation. Founded in 1981 as the Institute of University Safety Officers, membership widened beyond the University sector and in 1992 it was re-named the Institute of Safety in Technology and Research (ISTR). Today ISTR serves and supports the individual interests of safety professional in their specialist area of research and high technology.

ISTR organises for its members symposia and skills workshops, publishes a bulletin and handbook and has an e-mail discussion forum. There is also an ISTR award and a sponsorship scheme. Being relatively small the Institute is friendly and lends itself easily to networking opportunities.

ISTR is well respected by external bodies and makes representation to, and is consulted by, other professional bodies and regulators in the UK and abroad.

ISTR has set up and now accredits the Biosafety Accreditation Scheme which gives professional recognition to the competence of Biosafety practitioners.

There are four categories of ISTR membership: Fellow, Member, Associate and Retired. All categories of membership are open to those who work outside of the UK provided the appropriate standards of qualification and experience are met.

The affairs of the Institute are managed by the ISTR Executive.

How to join ISTR

Applicants can apply to become Members or Associates

Members: A graduate or equivalent in an appropriate discipline with at least full time two years experience of safety related work at one of the following: a University where scientific research or technology are a significant part of the activities; a research or technological institute, or; science or technology based industry. (Where an applicant's role is part time in safety the minimum qualifying period should be extended pro rata.) Applications should be supported by the names of two referees, one of whom should be a Member or Fellow of the Institute. Members may use the designatory letters MISTR.

Associate: Those whose knowledge and experience do not qualify them as Members can join as Associates provided they that they have a sufficient interest in the activities of the Institute. Referees not required.

Note: As of 6 April 2016 tax relief can be claimed from HMRC on membership subscriptions. See letter from HMRC for more informationAdobe pdf icon

Further information can be found in the ISTR Information leaflet and the ISTR constitution.
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