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Welcome to ISTR

The Institute serves safety professionals in technology and research including education, industry, government agencies and consultancy.

The aim of the Institute is to enhance the knowledge, competence and professional development of its members through networking, accreditation, knowledge exchange, workshops and symposia, communication with regulators and partnerships with other safety organisations.

Membership is open to safety professionals and Associate Membership is available to anyone whose knowledge and experience do not qualify them as Members but who can show they have a sufficient interest in the activities of ISTR.

ISTR Executive, made up of elected members, manages the affairs of the Institute.

Latest News
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ISTR Autumn Symposium 15-16 November Flyer and booking form availableAdobe pdf icon

HSE Consultation The HSE is conducting a survey as part of its review as part of its current review of the regulations about controlling hazardous substances in the workplace, with the aim of making these more simple and straightforward without reducing the level of protection. Closing date 18 October 2016.

Forthcoming Events

ISTR November Symposium
15-16 Novemeber 2016
Day 1: Biosafety -Emerging and Re-emerging themes
Day 2: Chemical Controls

Venue: Manchester
More information and booking details here

ISTR Skills Workshop
7 March 2017
Mental Health
Venue: Manchester
More information to follow when available

ISTR AGM and Summer Symposium
July 2017
Topic: Security versus Safety
Venue: York
More information to follow when available

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Cardiff 2016 Summer Symposium
Presentations and pictures

Manchester 2015 Autumn Symposium

Liverpool 2015 Summer Symposium
Presentations and pictures

Manchester 2014 Autumn Symposium
Presentations and pictures

Cambridge 2014 Summer Symposium
Presentations and pictures

Manchester 2013 Autumn Symposium
Presentations and pictures

Limerick 2013 Summer Symposium
Presentations and pictures

More past events


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