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ISTR Biosafety Accreditation Scheme
-Biosafety Practitioner Level 1 (Foundation)

Outline of the scheme
Biosafety Practitioner Level 1 (Foundation) is based on course attendance and achievement.

ISTR accredits training providersAdobe pdf icon for the whole course or selected units, or elements of units.

Individuals can become registered by ISTR as Level 1 Practitioners if they have completed all units (via one or more accredited providers) and have two years relevant experience. Some may decide that they need only attend specified, but still accredited, units. In those circumstances, delegates will still receive accredited training but to meet Level 1 Practitioner requirements, will need to complete all the units.

The modules for Level 1 are:
1 Roles and responsibilities
2 Legal
3 Disinfection/sterilization
4 Waste disposal and Transport of hazardous materials
5 Hazards and risks
6 Genetic Modification
7 Equipment
Plant, equipment and servicing
8 Laboratory management
9 Policy/manual development
Influencing skills
Incident and emergency procedures
Occupational health, health surveillance, immunisations
10 Learning and development

How to become registered as a Level 1 Biosafety Practitioner
The procedures described below are also depicted in a flow chart available hereAdobe pdf icon

The first step is to enrol on a course (or a number of courses) that provides you with all 10 of the units listed above. A list of those training providers currently accredited is provided hereAdobe pdf icon

Once you have received your certificate from either a single provider for all 10 modules of the Level 1 Biosafety Practitioner courses, or all the certificates covering the 10 modules, then you must complete the ISTR Application for Registration as a Biosafety Practitioner form word icon and submit this, along with a copy or scan of the certificate(s), your £30 registration fee (cheque payable to 'ISTR') and any other information required on the form either by email to the
ISTR Biosafety Accreditation Scheme Administrator or via hardcopy to the following address:
ISTR BSP Scheme Administrator
Kemp House
152 City Road

Information for training providers for Biosafety Level 1
All potential providers are invited to read the accompanying guidance Accreditation of training courses - Information for Course Providers

Please contact the ISTR Biosafety Accreditation Scheme Administrator for full information if you have an interest in running biosafety training courses accredited by ISTR.

Call for training provider assessors
Course outlines, content and presentation will be assessed by one of a team of ISTR appointed assessors. Those interested in becoming an assessor should contact the administrator. To qualify as an assessor, applicants must satisfy the following three criteria:

  • Biosafety manager, adviser, officer or retired of the same
  • Paid up full Member of ISTR
  • Available at reasonable notice to review documents and/or visit course provider
Full details are available from the ISTR Biosafety Accreditation Scheme Administrator
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