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ISTR Events

ISTR runs high quality topical symposia and skills workshops. Symposia are usually open to non-members, skills workshops tend to be 'hands on' are restricted to members only as numbers are limited to ensure delegates can get the maximum benefit from the workshop. The summer symposium includes a visit to somewhere of interest and a formal dinner.

Topics of previous symposia and workshops are available in the Members' area of the website. ISTR Members and Associates are able to download presentations and see pictures from these events.

There are also some presentations from the ISTR Regional Biosafety Group meetings available

Previous Symposia
  • Safety v Security: complementary or competing needs? -Fire, York, July 2017
  • Emerging and re-emerging threats: diseases, disinfectants and the disaffected and Chemical substances: who is in control, November 2016
  • A New Look at an Old Enemy -Fire, Cardiff, July 2016
  • Health Risks in Biolgical Research/Fit for Teaching and Research Work, Manchester, November 2015
  • Safe to Buy, safe to Make, Safe to Use, Safe to Dispose, Liverpool, July 2015
  • Change is Inevitable but Safety Management is Critical, Manchester, November 2014
  • After the Accident -getting it right, Cambridge, July 2014
  • Co-ordination, Co-operation and Communication, Manchester, November 2013
  • Keeping Them Out and Keeping Them In -Cleanrooms and CL3 Facilities, Manchester, November 2011
  • Working in Containment Facilities: Expectations vs Realities, York, July 2013
  • Maximising Safety on a Shrinking Budget, Manchester, Limerick, June 2013
  • What is Your Cell Culture and can you Change the Safety Culture?, Manchester, November 2012
  • Launch of guidance: Responsible Research -Managing health and safety in research, Manchester, London, October 2012
  • When Science and Engineering Meet -Novel risks from old hazards, Leicester, July 2012
  • Keeping Them Out and Keeping Them In -Cleanrooms and CL3 Facilities, Manchester, November 2011
  • Risk Assessment - What is Reasonable in 2011?, Dundee, July 2011
  • Managing the Nasties (drugs, chemical weapons, explosives etc.), Coventry, November 2010
  • What's new in biotransport, zoonoses and other issues, Biosafety Section Symposium, Coventry, November 2010
  • New and Emerging Technologies, Bath, July 2010
  • The Carriage of Dangerous Goods, Coventry, November 2009
  • Animal Issues not just allergies, Biosafety Section Symposium, Coventry, November 2009
  • Green but Safe, Nottingham, July 2009
  • Chemical Management Now, Coventry, November 2008
  • A Valid Question, Biosafety Sub-group Symposium, Coventry, November 2008
  • Management of the invisible - Physical Agents, Manchester, November 2007 Biosafety - Back to Science, 5th Biosafety Sub-group Symposium, Manchester, November 2007
  • Occupational Health in the 21st Century, Exeter, July 2007
  • Enabling disabled persons in Science & Technology, Birmingham, November 2006
  • Biosafety - back to basics, 4th Biosafety Sub-group Symposium, Birmingham, November 2006
  • Risk Management and the Safety Professional, Dublin, June 2006
  • Better Waste Management, Coventry, November 2005
  • Gene Therapy, 3rd Biosafety Sub-group Symposium, Coventry, November 2005
  • Emerging Technologies, Novel Risks, Edinburgh, July 2005
  • Northern Biological Safety Officers' Meeting, University of Leeds, May 2005
  • Laboratory Design, Eli lilly, Ascot, November 2004
  • Biosafety Audits and Inspections, 2nd Biosafety Sub-group Symposium, Eli lilly, Ascot, November 2004
  • Moving Matters - Transport in Science and Technology, Southampton, July 2004
  • Management of Biological Risks, ISTR Biosafety Sub-Group Symposium, Coventry, November 2003
  • Legislation Update, Coventry, November 2003
  • The Duty to Manage, Cardiff, July 2003

Previous Skills Workshops
  • Incident Investigation -March 2016
  • Challenges Presented by AOR Sources -March 2015
  • Delivering Effective Training -March 2014
  • CL3 Laboratories -March, May, September 2013
  • Bio-Containment - Spring 2011
  • Artificial Optical Radiation - Spring 2011
  • Controlling Airborne Contaminants at Work - Spring 2010 (repeated 2011)
  • Creating your Own Video Clips for Health and Safety Training - Spring 2009
  • Advanced Investigative Interviewing - Spring 2008
  • Are You Complying with DSEAR? - Spring 2007
  • Measuring and Monitoring - Spring 2005
  • Behavioural Safety - Spring 2003
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