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ISTR Biosafety Steering Group

The aim of the Biosafety Steering Group (BSG) is to represent the interests of UK biosafety nationally and internationally on behalf of ISTR. The BSG comprises representatives from the three Regional Biosafety Groups and acts as a liaison point by sharing information and facilitating coordination of regional activities/initiatives while still allowing for independence of operation at the regional level.

The BSG also:
  • Considers the need for, and oversees the preparation of guidance on biosafety-related topics.
  • Provides an input into the development and organisation of the annual biosafety Symposium and other specialised training sessions.
  • Maintains oversight of the future development of the ISTR Biosafety Accreditation Scheme and inputs into development as required.
  • Provides regular feedback on its activities to the ISTR Executive Committee.
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27.2.12, University College, London
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25.10.11, University of Manchester
Notes of meeting
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