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Security versus Safety -complementary or competing needs?
York, 5 July 2017

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The Institute serves safety professionals in technology and research including education, industry, government agencies and consultancy.

The aim of the Institute is to enhance the knowledge, competence and professional development of its members through networking, accreditation, knowledge exchange, workshops and symposia, communication with regulators and partnerships with other safety organisations.

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Security versus Safety -complementary or competing needs?
The theme Safety versus Security -complementary or competing needs? explores the potential tension between the two. We focus on how to balance safety and security needs when designing new buildings and ensuring designers correctly understand the nuanced brief. The challenge of implementing systems for monitoring out of hours workers is discussed and our ever popular Discussion Forum (where we have an opportunity to learn from and share with each other) rounds off a busy programme.

Travel Safety and Security Adobe pdf icon
Engaging with Public Safety -whilst keeping the the workplace secure Adobe pdf icon
Safety v Security in New Building Design Adobe pdf icon
Understanding the Brief -delivering safe and secure buildings Adobe pdf icon
Ensuring Staff Security -planning, vetting and access Adobe pdf icon
Newcastle University Out of Hours Security and Safety Systems Adobe pdf icon
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